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Artifacts are purchasable items that provide special benefits and bonuses for your champion to increase their strength, endurance and performance in and out of battle. They can be bought while standing inside a base's spawn region and also while standing near friendly turrets (Though consumable items will have no stacks if brought from outside your spawn.), and they are purchased with Credits that are obtained from defeating enemy Chapions, drones and creatures. Artifacts can be salvaged for a portion of their original cost.

These artifacts are classified in four main artifact types which are then subdivided by the invididual stats they provide: Attack (All offensive items that provide Attack bonuses, and stats that are benefical for basic attackers.), Health (All defensive items that allow you and/or your team to stay in the fight longer.), Power (All offensive items that provide Power bonuses, and stats that are benefical for spellcasters.) and General (All active "consumable" artifacts, and stats that universal statistics.).

Below you can find all currently available artifacts sorted by type.

Attack artifacts

AtlantisGambit T4.jpg AtomicAxe T2.jpg BatmansUtilityBelt T4.jpg BlueScarab T3.jpg CheetahsClaw T4.jpg ClawofHorus T3.jpg CodaBlade T4.jpg DeadshotsVisor T3.jpg DeathstrokesClaymore T3.jpg HuntressCrossbow T3.jpg JoeChillsRevolver T3.jpg LobosChain T4.jpg MarauderKnife T4.jpg MegaRod T3.jpg NilWeapon T1.jpg PromethiumMace T4.jpg RipHuntersTimePack T4.jpg ShadesCane T3.jpg SoultakerKatana T4.jpg SwordofBeowulf T3.jpg Velocity9Implants T4.jpg ZeissGoggles T4.jpg

Attack statistics

 • Attack Damage  • Attack Penetration  • Attack Speed  • Attack Lifesteal  • Critical Chance

Health artifacts

AmuletofIsis T3.jpg BoosterGoldsPowerSuit T3.jpg DianasBracers T3.jpg EntropyAegis T3.jpg FragmentofMogo T3.jpg HawkmansHarness T4.jpg KryptonianWarArmor T3.jpg MarauderShield T4.jpg MetallosHeart T3.jpg MirrorMastersPrism T4.jpg NilCloak T1.jpg OaGambit T4.jpg OlympusGambit T4.jpg PhantomStrangersNecklace T3.jpg RasalGhulsRobe T2.jpg RubyofLife T4.jpg SpearofDestiny T2.jpg SteelsBreastplate T3.jpg SuitofSorrows T4.jpg TheMedusaMask T4.jpg

Health statistics

 • Health  • Health Regeneration  • Attack Armor  • Power Armor  • Resilience

Power artifacts

AbinSursLantern T4.jpg AtlanteanRoyalSeal T4.jpg CosmicBelt T3.jpg CosmicStaff T3.jpg DoctorDestinysDreamstone T4.jpg EclipsosDiamond T2.jpg EyeofEkron T4.jpg FatalitysEnergyLance T4.jpg GorillaGroddsHelmet T4.jpg HelmofFate T3.jpg MarauderRing T4.jpg MrTerrificsTMask T4.jpg NeronsContract T4.jpg NilRing T1.jpg PandorasBox T4.jpg PsiScimitar T3.jpg QwardGambit T4.jpg RadionShard T4.jpg TheBookofEternity T2.jpg TheLogoz T3.jpg TheStarheart T3.jpg

Power statistics

 • Power Damage  • Power Penetration  • Power Lifesteal  • Will  • Will Regeneration

General artifacts

BleedPortal T1.jpg MobiusCore T2.jpg ModularHealthVial T3.jpg ModularTektiteVial T3.jpg ModularWillVial T3.jpg SpeedForceBattery T2.jpg

General statistics

 • Move Speed  • Cooldown Reduction  • Credits