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Coast City

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Choice and adaptive tactics define Coast City. This 5v5 two-lane map features a large Urban Jungle that holds access to Elite Drones and control of the Doomsday Device.

Claim victory by outmaneuvering the enemy team and pushing into their base to destroy its Power Core.

Information[edit | edit source]

Coast City has two lanes. The bottom lane is a shorter path into the enemy base and easier to push. The top lane, while longer, is closer to important objectives like the Doomsday Device and three Power Relays.


Coast City provides a vast Urban Jungle with enough neutral creature camps to support up to two jungle champions for each team.


When captured, Power Relays help you win the fight. Each relay held increases the benefits gained:
  • Hold one relay to increase the credits gained from coins by 5 per coin.
  • Hold two relays to increase the credits gained from coins by 10 per coin and also add Elite Drones to the top lane.
  • Hold three relays to increase the credits gained from coins by 10 per coin and also add Elite Drones in both lanes.

Every Power Relay capture also spawns a stealth surveillance drone that patrols the Urban Jungle and clears enemy cameras.

The two central Power Relays activate 5 minutes into the game, while the third activates after 15 minutes. Power Relays will automatically unlock themselves 4 minutes after being captured.


Ten minutes into a match the Doomsday Device activates and creates a neutral guardian who attacks the closest Champion in his arena.

Destroy the guardian to drop the Doomsday Device trigger. Pick up the trigger to gain targeting control of the Doomsday Device's firing mechanism. Will you fire at nearby enemies or use its EMP blast to damage and stun their structures?


Defeat neutral creatures in the Urban Jungle to earn experience and credits, freeing up more resources for allies fighting in nearby lanes. Just remember to support allies when the fight gets fierce.


Nine minutes into Coast City the Raider spawns in the Urban Jungle, below bottom lane. Team up with your allies to take it down for credits and experience.

Map Overview: Coast City[edit | edit source]

Full Map[edit | edit source]