Crime Alley

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Crime Alley is divided by a multiverse rift. On one half, on the Earth most of us know, rests Monarch Theater, where Bruce Wayne and his parents saw a movie prior to being murdered. On the Gaslight half of Crime Alley rests the Monarch Hotel, where the Waynes of Earth-19 attended a formal ball the evening of their murder.

Crime Alley is the unfortunate nickname given to Park Row, the site of Thomas and Martha Wayne's murder. This 1vAI map is designed for new and seasoned Infinite Crisis players alike, offering everyone a private place to practice.

Information[edit | edit source]

Featuring one lane and one AI opponent, Crime Alley is your personal practice ground.

Both you and your opponent start with a base guarded by one power core turret, one dampener, and a single lane turret. Make them count. The enemy AI certainly will.


Crime Alley features a small urban jungle above its single lane, perfect for new players to experiment with creature combat and deployables.


Full Map[edit | edit source]