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A dimensional rift splits Gotham City between the worlds of Gaslight and Prime in this 5v5 three-lane map. Take advantage of the urban jungle by defeating neutral creatures to earn deployables, which are powerful abilities like meteor strikes and EMP blasts.

Gotham Divided has two bases: one for your team and one for the enemy. Your main objective is to destroy the Power Core inside the enemy base, achieved by destroying enemy drones, turrets, and eventually dampeners.

Information[edit | edit source]

Gotham Divided has three lanes: top, middle (mid), and bottom (bot).

Top and bottom lane are longer and have more space between each turret. Mid lane is the shortest route to your enemy’s base, but both sides are flanked by the urban jungle, providing more angles for surprise attacks.


Each lane has a set of inner and outer turrets, one set for your side and one for the enemy. Turrets are lethal defensive structures, best attacked with a wave of friendly drones.

The circles on the map represent the size of each turret's range.

Each base has three dampeners, each found at a base entrance. Dampeners act like turrets but have two differences: instead of being outright destroyed, dampeners go offline and respawn minutes later with reduced health; while offline, the opposing team’s lane begins to spawn much tougher Elite Drones.


There are three Base Camera charges, and taking one begins a refill timer. Each camera grants modest vision and lasts a few minutes. After being deployed, base cameras are visible to enemies for a brief time.

You can only hold one Basic Camera or one Tactical Skill at a time. Picking-up one replaces the other.


Pro Tip:

  • You can only hold one Basic Camera or one Tactical Skill at a time. Picking-up one replaces the other.

Beyond your turrets’ vision is the urban jungle, concealed by the fog of war. On Gotham Divided, the jungle holds four types of neutral drone camps: easy, medium, Destroyer, and Unique.


  • Easy: Rewards credit, experience, and a health buff.
  • Medium: Rewards credit, experience, and a health buff.
  • Destroyer Camps: Reward one of three Deployables: Health, Speed, or Surveillance Tower.
  • Raider and Leviathan: Unique, each granting special powerful rewards.

Gotham Divided has several Deployables: Health, Speed, Surveillance Tower, EMP, Shield and Meteor.

Defeating a specific Destroyer camp will activate its nearby Deployable Generator, producing a trigger. Walking over a trigger picks it up and maps it to your ‘T’ key, allowing you to call down whatever deployable you’ve acquired. If you’ve already picked up a trigger, you cannot pick up a second before first calling down your current deployable.

When defeating a Destroyer, in addition to the trigger dropped nearby, a second trigger will appear at your base. This allow you and your allies to benefit from the spoils of the Urban Jungle.

  • Health: Earned from the Regen Destroyer, the Health Deployable can be called down from a great distance. It has two healing charges that restore Health and Will/Energy for any of your allies.
  • Speed: Earned by defeating the Agile Destroyer, the Speed Deployable can be called down from a great distance. It has two single-use charges that grant a temporary Move Speed boost to allies who walk over it. If dropped directly on an enemy champion, it slows them for a few seconds.
  • Surveillance Tower: Earned by defeating the top and bottom Destroyer camps, placing the Surveillance Tower creates an area of vision that can see through walls, and lasts for several minutes.

After several minutes have passed in a match, the Raider spawns into the urban jungle. You can open either of these pods to unleash the Raider, a stronger neutral creature. Defeating the Raider grants moderate experience and credits, and activates the EMP Deployable Generator.
  • EMP: While the EMP deployable has a shorter range, it disables all nearby enemy drones and turrets for several seconds.

If the Raider has already spawned, the Leviathan will spawn in the opposite pit. If the Raider nor Leviathan has spawned, the Raider will always spawn top, and Leviathan will spawn bottom.

Defeat Leviathan to get significant credit and experience, and to release three powerful deployables: Shield, EMP, and Meteor.

  • Shield: Create a powerful shield for all nearby allies, lasting several seconds. This is a powerful tool when engaging in team fights or attacking enemy turrets and dampeners.
  • Meteor: This deadly deployable will delivers significant damage in an area while also slowing movement, making it especially deadly in team fights.

Map Overview: Gotham Divided[edit | edit source]

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