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Gotham Heights

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Gotham Heights is a fast 5v5 map that demands teamwork and tactics to capture and hold several Control Points. Holding a majority of these points will drain the enemy team's Power Core and drive your team to victory.

Information[edit | edit source]

At match start, the five Control Points are neutral. You may capture a point by standing on it, and capture speed is increased by additional ally drones and champions. When your team holds a majority of Control Points the enemy team health slowly drains.


Pro Tip:

  • Even if your team holds few or no Control Points you can swing the tide of battle.

At the center of Gotham Heights is the Orbital Cannon, hidden within the Urban Jungle. Capture the Orbital Cannon to summon Assault Drones, who immediately charge the opposing team's Control Points. Capture also rains down meteors on portions of the Urban Jungle, close to the enemy base, reducing enemy access to Speed Boosts and Health Packs resources.


Pro Tip:

  • For a short period of time the Orbital Cannon counts as a sixth Control Point.

Beyond the visible circular lane, home to the Control Points, is the Urban Jungle, which holds Speed Boosts, Health Packs, and the Orbital Cannon.


Run across these platforms for a temporary but powerful Move Speed boost.


Move over a Health Pack to consume it, restoring a portion of your Champion's health and will/energy. Health Packs will respawn in the same location after a few minutes.


Map Overview: Gotham Heights[edit | edit source]

Full Map[edit | edit source]