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Ranked Play

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Ranked Play is a special mode in Infinite Crisis designed to provide higher quality matches for competitive players. Playing in the Ranked queue will adjust your personal Rank. Winning enough matches will advance you through the Ranks, eventually earning you a spot within the top regional players. To be able to join Ranked Play you must have unlocked atleast 14 Champions and also played atleast 20 unranked PvP matches.

There are a few things to keep in mind about this mode:

  • Draft Mode: Draft mode is a version of Champion Selection that differs from standard matches. Draft Mode begins with a banning phase which allows each team to select Champions that neither team can play in that match. After banning, teams take turns selecting Champions. Champion Picks are visible to both teams. Once everyone has a Champion locked in, there is a brief window of time where players on the same team can swap Champions.
  • Ranks: There are 20 standard Ranks in Ranked Play. All players start at Rank 20 and can climb to Rank 1. After passing Rank 1, players enter the elite Justice League Rank and are then ranked against all other players at this top tier of play. Winning matches will increase your Rank and losing matches can set you back. Hovering over your Rank will let you if it's possible to lose progress at that Rank or if winning two or more matches in a row can put you on a Win Streak.
  • Stay Positive: While Ranked Play is intended to be competitive, being a good teammate is still an important aspect of winning. Even Superman makes mistakes sometimes. Keep that in mind, and remember that a trial isn't over until your Power Core is gone!



Each Rank in the Bronze Tier contains two sub-ranks, so it will require two wins to move on to the next Rank. Win Streaks are enabled in this tier, which means that winning two or more games in row will give you two sub-ranks instead of just one. Losses do not remove progress in Bronze, so players do not need to worry about losing their Rank levels.

The Bronze Tier consists of these Ranks:

Ranked 20.png Rank 20 - The Booster-Maniacs

"Welcome to the club, ladies and gentlemen. I'm the greatest hero you've never heard of... yet!"
- Booster Gold

Ranked 19.png Rank 19 - The Contract Killers

"Their tactics are one-dimensional. Let's get to work."
- Deathstroke

Ranked 18.png Rank 18 - The Soaring Defenders

"We will oppose this threat for all of eternity."
- Hawkgirl

Ranked 17.png Rank 17 - The Reach Rebels

"EARTH MUST BE DESTROYED!" - Khaji Da "Knock it off, bug suit!"
- Blue Beetle

Ranked 16.png Rank 16 - The Suicide Squad

"Welcome to the mad house! Let's have some fun! Ha! Ha! HA!"
- Harley Quinn


Each Rank in the Silver Tier contains three sub-ranks, so it will require three wins to move on to the next Rank. Win streaks are enabled in this tier, so winning two or more games in row will give you two sub-ranks instead of just one. Losses do remove progress in Silver, so you'll always want to play your best!

The Silver Tier consists of these Ranks:

Ranked 15.png Rank 15 - The Future Leaders

"If Bruce taught me anything, it's to have a game plan for every situation. Stick close, fight together, we can do this!"
- Robin

Ranked 14.png Rank 14 - The Lords of Atlantis

"We will protect the honor of Atlantis!"
- Aquaman

Ranked 13.png Rank 13 - The Red Lantern Corps

"We'll burn them all - that is their fate."
- Atrocitus

Ranked 12.png Rank 12 - The Green Lantern Corps

"In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape our sight."
- Green Lantern

Ranked 11.png Rank 11 - The Sinestro Corps

"In blackest day, in brightest night, beware your fears made into light."
- Sinestro

Ranked 10.png Rank 10 - The House of Zod

"All shall kneel."
- Zod

Ranked 09.png Rank 9 - The Corporate Masters

"I would rather fail spectacularly than succeed minimally."
- Lex Luthor

Ranked 08.png Rank 8 - The Gotham Sirens

"Girls, we run these worlds."
- Catwoman

Ranked 07.png Rank 7 - The A.R.G.U.S. Agents

"We can win any fight, in any universe!"
- Cyborg

Ranked 06.png Rank 6 - The Emerald Archers

"How does it feel to be part of the big league?"
- Green Arrow


Each Rank in the Gold Tier contains four sub-ranks, so it will require four wins to move on to the next Rank. Win streaks are not enabled in this tier, so you'll have to really work to make your way through the sub-levels. Losses do remove progress, so approach each match with caution.

The Gold Tier consists of these Ranks:

Ranked 05.png Rank 5 - Flash's Family

"They can't catch us!"
- Flash

Ranked 04.png Rank 4 - The Amazonian Warriors

"We all fight for peace."
- Wonder Woman

Ranked 03.png Rank 3 - Joker's Gang

"Fight with Batsy to save the world? I'd have to be crazy!"
- Joker

Ranked 02.png Rank 2 - The Gotham Knights

"Everyone has their limits. We choose to ignore ours."
- Batman

Ranked 01.png Rank 1 - The House of El

"This world, and the entire Multiverse, is under our protection."
- Superman

Justice League

The Justice League is the highest tier available. Once you've made it to the Justice League Rank, you will then be competing against other players within your region to move up in ranking on the Leaderboards. You can continue to move up and down the leaderboards depending on your MMR but you cannot drop out of this Rank.

Ranked JL.png Rank 0 - The Justice League

"One of our last, and best hopes to save all realities."
- The Construct